Izzy, LLC

About Sam Elias


Sam Elias started at the age of 16 working for Xerox Egypt and worked his way towards becoming an award winning negotiator and troubleshooter for the best client support system. Sam Elias knows what it takes to help his client’s achieve their goals. Sam has 18 years of experience in tax consulting and 13 years of experience in the mortgage industry. He became a top producer at Washington Mutual Home Loans directly out of training. With his extensive knowledge in mortgage lending, finance, and tax consulting he has started his own business, Izzy, LLC, named after his daughter, whom is his true pride and joy. Izzy, LLC offers a wide variety of financial, legal, banking, lending (commercial and residential), real estate, retirement packages, insurance and much more.

Sam was born in Egypt and attended Helwan University in Cairo earning a B.S. degree in International Business & Foreign Affairs. Sam attended The University of Maryland earning a B.S. degree in International Tax Accounting and Finance with a GPA of 3.865. Sam became a Teacher’s Assistant at The University of Maryland as only an undergraduate student. After graduating, he was a tax consultant for several years for the top CPA Firms in the world. 
After working for tax consultants Sam decided to practice on his own and decided to enter the mortgage industry. He soon became the only franchise of Nation Wide Mortgage Corp. Sam is a natural at business development, and is able to consistently generate the highest monthly revenue. Sam has won every case where he has represented a client being audited. None of Sam’s loans have gone into foreclosure or short sale. Being of a strong financial background Sam is knowledgeable enough to consult his clients properly in order to lead them to achieve their financial goals. Sam retained all of his clients by referrals and word of mouth, and never had to advertise

Sam formed a Real Estate Investment Trust in 2003 with less that 2% upfront cost and generated over 40% profit in 19 months. He located the properties, negotiated the agreed price and financed the properties. Sam has a strong history of building relationships with the top professionals in the DC Metro area. His skill set and reputation allowed him to maintain his business based solely on referrals. Sam only finds the best, all of Sam’s affiliates are the best at what they do. Sam has been working hand in hand with his team of professionals since 1999. That is what makes his “Izzy, LLC” so unique. In his spare time Sam loves to spend time with his eight-year-old daughter Izzy, who is pride and joy. Sam enjoys anything from snow skiing, to mountain biking, to motorcycle safaris/tours, scuba diving, and much more.

Sam Elias also volunteers in training Special Forces, Green Berets, Navy Seals, and the Marines before deployment to the Middle East. After his latest training, he recieved a certificate apreciation from US SOCOM.  He is very proud of our troops and supports the War on Terror.







US SOCOM Certificate of Appreciation